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Modelling and verification of RBAC policies on UML models

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You will find on this page the RBAC plugins for use with IBM Rational Software Architect. You will also find a screencast demonstrating the tool, and sample models illustrating the approach.


You will need Rational Software Architect version 8, including the UML modelling and OCL modules.


Simply extract the rbacUML zip archive (also available in .tar.gz format), and place the jar files in your Rational Software Architect plugins directory, restart the IDE, and enjoy. Alternatively, you can get the code from github and build it yourself. rbacUML uses the apache log4j and apache commons cli projects.

OCL constraints

A list of the OCL queries in the rbacUML profile is also available in plain text.

Rational Software Architect

You can get Rational Software Architect from IBM's website.

Sample projects

Two sample projects are included in the archive. They can be imported in the workspace once the plugin is installed.


rbacUML is distributed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v.1


rbacUML was developed by @lmontrieux, formerly a PhD student at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK